How to make your Online-Yoga awesome

Remember the times where you actually went to a live class in a studio (or gym or sports club). When did you enjoy the class the most? Maybe, when you arrived on time, curiously stepped into the room, rolled out your mat at your favourite spot, found a comfortable position and tuned in (or had a chat with your buddy next to you)?

Let’s have a look on how to bring this experience into the online world.

Arrive on time and “roll out” your tech-mat

Now, it would’nt really disturb anyone if you are late for an online class (as long as you make sure you mute yourself :-)) – anyone but yourself. No, seriously, make sure you arrive on time and do these things before your teacher starts the class.

  1. Get zoom. If you haven’t used it a lot yet – don’t worry. It’s fairly intuitive. Just download the app on your computer, phone or tablet and get started. Here are some helpful tutorials, e.g. how to join a meeting.
  2. Remember where to find your link. You will receive a zoom link upon registration. It is in your mailbox and also in your calendar (if you created a calender event via the booking site).
  3. Set up your camera at least 1,5 m (2-3 m is even better) away from your mat, so that you can be seen and your teacher can give some virtual assists if needed. Your device doesn’t need to be on a tripod – a chair or a pile of books will do just fine. You might want to check and adjust the angle though, to ensure you are covered both in standing poses as well as lying or sitting on the floor. For optimal lighting ideally choose a somewhat well lit area and avoid back-lit space (there might be limitations here, I get it 🙂 we’ll just do our best to work with what we have).
  4. Pin your teacher. Once you joined the meeting and are done saying “hi”, chatting with your class mates and asking any questions you might have had: Pin your teachers video to your screen, so that you see him or her full screen. Here is how you do that.

Create your space

No, not all of us have an extra studio-sized room readily available for our online practice. Here are some tips on how to create a beautiful space anywhere.

  1. Comfy Clothes: Before you come to the class, make sure you wrapped yourself into comfortable clothes. Bring a sweater, socks and a blanket if you want, so you can breeze right into sivasana at the end of the class. If you need to drink during practice (expecially if you are pregnant) – bring a bottle of water.
  2. Props: Just as in regular class – make sure you have your props available close to you. blocks, cushion, strap. Put it in place.
  3. All the space you need is the size of you Yoga mat – and yes, a bit to the left and the right, front and back – but you can be creative here and make slight adjustments to where you are on the mat during practice.
  4. Bring one thing to consciously transform the space into your yoga space in exactly this moment. Light a candle, burn some essential oils, place your favourite plant with you and hop on the mat.
  5. Let people know you are practicing. “Honey, do you know where I left my tax documents?” is not something you want to be answering while being bound up in sideangle pose or resting in a beautiful sivasana. You might not be able to shut off distractions completely at all times – but at least let your folks at home know that you’d love them to give you your space during practice.

Dare to allow community

If you miss the sense of community that makes life classes in person so much more connecting – why not dare to unmute before or after class and start a chat, ask a question, share some reflections. Maybe your teacher even encourages you and makes some extra time to allow people to connect. Dare to join!

Got any more ideas and experiences? Comment and let me know what works for you!

See you in class!


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