3 minutes mindfulness

3 Minutes Mindfulness excercise to close the day

Yoga, Meditation & Mindful Leadership Series


This 3 Minutes Mindfulness exercise is a small act on reflecting the day. It can be helpful for you, if you

  • have troubles closing the day and keep going on an on with your thoughts about the challenges you had today
  • would like to start incorporating mindfulness into your life, but struggle to find time for longer excercises and meditation
  • would like to find a way to make your days better, bit by bit and reflecting on your progress.


  1. Find a space, where you can be undisturbed for 3 minutes.
  2. This exercise can be done seated, lying down, walking – but I encourage you to fully focus on this excercise (so don’t try doing it while watching TV, folding your clothes or brushing your teeth).
  3. Take a few moments to consciously notice your breath.
  4. Ask yourself
    • What were three things that went well today?
    • What were three things you would have liked to have done or handled differently? How?
    • What are three things today that you contributed to, shared with or did for others?
  5. Return your attention to your breath for another few moments.


  • A quick mindfulness exercise that opens a door to create mindfulness moments regularly.
  • Asking yourself simple questions, to direct your mind and attitude towards three important elements: noticing what went well, reflecting on intention, practicing compassion.

Add-ons / Variations:

  • If you want to do more:
    • Include these questions in a daily journal entry, if that is another habit you would like to develop.
    • Give yourself a hand/foot massage before starting.
    • After the reflection: Extend the breath attention into a three part breath technique lying down in bed – helping you to ease your way into sleep.

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