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Embracing contrasts

Being a Finance Director, a playful Yoga Teacher, a Board member in a large corporation, an admirer of bees learning how to produce honey, a Business Coach and a Whale enthusiast on a research boat – these were some of the contrasts, the diverse perspectives that coloured my path so far.

Hanna Obersteller

As an Economist by education, an experienced Finance Leader and CFO, a Coach, Mentor and Consultant I am passionately supporting curious and engaged people in their personal development, their career and business aspirations. I am also a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher and admirer of the philosophic aspects of yogic tradition. You will find consciously applied elements of mindfulness and yogic balance in my work.

Starting my professional career as a consultant at pwc, I learned to love the challenges of managing complex projects – both for multinational corporations and for medium-sized businesses. After more then four years in the consulting business though, I was curious about a new experience and found it with Johnson & Johnson, where I was fortunate to experience a rich journey of learning, growth and development.

Before I decided to turn my corporate career upside down and follow my curiosity to start a new education and master’s course to explore Coaching and systemic Counceling in more depth, I was Finance Director and Board member for Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, responsible for the strategic and operational financial leadership of the Medical Device Business in the Nordic countries.

Living in Sweden since 2017, I am operating flexibly from Lund (Sweden) and Northern Germany (Hamburg & Schleswig-Holstein).

When the playful me shows up, I am ready to become a serious learner. A culture of playfulness is closely related to the capacity to learn.

Rosemary Sutcliff

Why “yellow corner”?

The yellow corner is an actual “yellow corner” set up in our home. It is the go-to place for contemplation, for inspiration, for jotting down ideas, for conversations and favourite spot for just doing nothing – which is a wonderful source for triggering creativity.

Our experiences will be as colorful and diverse as we allow them to be. What will you allow today?