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Dedicating a significant amount of my time to volunteering work is important to me. While I am hoping to contribute to people’s growth and development, it is a wonderful way to learn, experience new perspectives and meet wonderfully passionate people.

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Benefit from free consulting and mentoring sessions as part of my commitment to volunteering.

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MicroMentor is a global community of mentors and entrepreneurs.

A program of Mercy Corps, MicroMentor’s platform enables the world’s largest community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business mentors to create powerful connections, solve problems, and build successful businesses together. We strive to overcome geographical limitations and deliver business resources at scale to underserved communities around the globe through mentoring.

I am an active Mentor on this platform. Find an example of my experience here:

In times of crisis, effective cash management can make or break your business. Mentor Hanna Obersteller worked with Nigerian entrepreneur Salman Olawale to build a more resilient model for his laundry business during the pandemic.

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Not sure about signing up for MicroMentor? You are in need of Coaching & Mentoring support, but do not have the resources to pay for it? Contact me directly, share your story and we’ll connect to find a way forward!

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