Empowered Pregnancy Series

Empowered Pregnancy Series

Develop your own Yoga practice during pregnancy – confident, empowered and safe.

Wow! Exciting times ahead! You are pregnant (or planning to be)? And how are you feeling just now? Excited? Super happy? Overwhelmed? A bit scared? Are there some doubts too, maybe? This melange of feelings is already a beautiful awareness of the big changes ahead, this very unique development and transformation you are entering into. A great way to strengthen and empower yourself during this intense time, is to develop a yoga practice that supports you throughout this journey. And how do you best do that? (If you haven’t yet: now is a good time to read my Quick Read “The beautiful benefits of Yoga during pregnancy”)

Classic prenatal Yoga is very often focused on hip opening and increasing hip flexibility. This is great, as many women that sign up for a prenatal yoga class are new to yoga or at least did not have a strong yoga practice before – so this is exactly what they might need to prepare for giving birth. Don’t get me wrong – if this sounds like you: this is awesome! Now is definitely a wonderful time to start building your yoga practice and experiencing the benefits of a classic prenatal yoga class might be the absolute right!

However, the needs for prenatal yoga are as individual as your body. For example: If you have a strong yoga practice, if you are very flexible to hypermobile, maybe if you have done a lot of dancing or gymnastic in your life – you might want to focus your prenatal yoga more on stability than flexibility. For you, a lot of hip opening and stretching might even cause discomfort or pain in your pelvis, resulting from pubic symphysis.

With my Empowered Pregnancy Series I aim to enable you to develop a yoga practice that supports you throughout your whole pregnancy. It involves learning about the key changes in your body during the different stages of pregnancy. It involves getting to know different modifications of poses, so that you can explore, which one feels right for your body. It means for you to build knowledge, experience and confidence so that you feel empowered to trust your intuition during this time. It means taking responsibility for your body to find the balance between flexibility and strength, between calm and activation, between increasing intensity and backing off.

In our Empowered Pregnancy Circle we focus on community, on mutual empowerment, on sharing, learning growing together – in a safe and positive space that will give you extra support during your pregnancy.

I am certified in prenatal Yoga from Brett Larkin’s beautiful “Pregnant and Powerful” Program.

Join the community and practice together with us in our Empowered Pregnancy classes. Let’s flow and grow together – can’t wait to see you in class!

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The regular classes will vary in intensity and provide you with many options to modify to fit your stage of pregnancy, your level of experience, your energy and capability of that day. The classes are 90 minutes, so we have time for some deeper explanations to facilitate your learning, a looooong savasana and time for connection, community and Q&A before and after the class.

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