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Experience Yoga as a holistic concept of consciousness, joy, balance, strength, flexibility and kindness – on and beyond the mat.

How and where I teach

I am offering private Yoga lessons and classes for limited group sizes. Read more.

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Empowered Pregnancy Series

Develop your yoga practice during pregnancy – confident, empowered and safe. Read more

Yoga is seen as one of the most effective experiential disciplines to trigger transformational processes in ourselves and to maintain and regain health.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or you are completely new to the universe of Yoga, my yoga corner provides you the space and courses to develop your yoga practice and to experience the gifts of this ancient school of life

As an experienced yoga student you will find opportunity to learn something new and deepen your practice. If you are new to Yoga, you will see that your yoga journey has nothing to do with how flexible your body is or how skilled you are in standing on one leg. Yoga is for everyone.

I am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher (RYT 200) teaching both in english and german.

In Yoga I find calm in the chaos, my focus for what’s important. I am learning to accept myself exactly how I am as I meet myself on the mat – every single time anew. I am exploring and discovering milimeter by milimeter.

I am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher (RYT 200) teaching both in english and german. Ich practice Yoga since 2012 und I love teaching Hatha Yoga, dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Flows as well as Yoga specifically designed for the special time of pregnancy.

What my students say

“Amazing! So well structured, how you always come back to the theme. I felt prepared for every pose!”

“Your cues are so precise, all the time. I felt really safe during movement and in good hands throughout the whole practice.”

“I really loved the conscious movement. How you made us position our body in exactly the way we intended to.”

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