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The beautiful benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

Empowered Pregnancy Series: Yoga can be a wonderful source to become aware of the superpowers that are set free during the time of pregnancy, and to use them to build consciousness and confidence around the power of breath, mental focus and physical strength & flexibility that enables this natural transformation.

3 minutes mindfulness

This 3 Minutes Mindfulness exercise is a small act on reflecting the day. It can be helpful for you, if you have troubles closing the day or if you would like to start incorporating mindfulness into your life, but struggle to find time for longer excercises and meditation.

Arm Balances

Asana Families: In arm balances, that belong to the balancing poses, we hold parts of our body or our whole body with our arms. Learn about Benefits, Watch-outs, Tips & Tricks for your practice.

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Empowered Pregnancy Series

Develop your yoga practice during pregnancy – confident, empowered and safe. Read more

>>> I am offering private Yoga lessons and classes for limited group sizes <<<
Contact me, if you would like to meet on the mat.

Book your private Yoga class

I am offering 1-1 classes, tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Book your slot (60 or 90 minutes) here and I’ll make sure to contact you and align with your expectations beforehand.

If you have any questions beforehand, just contact me!

Empowered Pregnancy Series

Read more about my offerings for prenatal yoga here.

How I teach

When we flow together, variations and modifications will be shared to accommodate different levels of practice and allow you to go at the pace that is comfortable and appropriate for you. The classes are best suited for students that have had a practice of at least 3-6 months, so that you are familiar with basic poses of Yoga. Classes will include breathing practices, warm-ups, core strengthening techniques, sun salutations, mindfully sequenced poses, deep stretches, savasana and time for reflection and Q&A afterwards.

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