Hanna Obersteller

In 2020, I traded my corporate career for self-employment as a consultant and systemic coach & process facilitator. With this, my passion as a young finance executive to support engaged, (self-)aware leaders and teams on their journeys to effective collaboration and processes turned into my main job.

I work with clients not only in Germany, but also in Sweden – a working culture I have been able to get to know and appreciate through my many years of professional activity in Stockholm and Lund, and which I enjoy to incorporate as a perspective in my consulting.

My many years of experience in internal service functions in close cooperation with the operational business helps me to quickly find an effective working base with my clients. I accompany leaders in individual coaching sessions and entire teams in clearly formulating their contribution, effectively establishing and implementing processes, and consciously shaping collaboration.

  • Management consultant with the sharp, analytic view of a CFO and fine antennae for the needs and nuances of human interaction and communication in organizations.
  • 15+ years of professional experience in an international corporate environment – most recently as CFO at Johnson & Johnson Nordics
  • Economist (University of Hamburg) and Systemic Coach and Process Counselor (MSc. “Systemic Counseling” (University of Applied Sciences & accredited Coaching education (DCV))

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thanks Hanna, it has been super inspirational work with you. I really appreciated our collaboration and your positive and out of the box attitude.

— J. K., Finance Lead Nordics eines Consumer Goods Konzerns

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Danke, Hanna für die tolle und professionelle Zusammenarbeit in den letzten Jahren. Insbesondere unser letztes Projekt hat einen großen Beitrag für uns geleistet – in vielerlei Hinsicht. Eine große Lernerfahrung auch für mich selbst – vielen Dank für deinen Beitrag dazu.

— COO eines Medizintechnik-Unternehmens

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m really glad I got to speak to you during this important time, your input really supported the transition out of the old and into my new position. There was an element of control that I never would have had without this coaching. And you gave really insightful views on both the career and personal/psychological aspects as well as a toolkit for self analysis and internal growth. It was a great mixture of external and internal guidance.

— Douglas MacCutcheon (phd), Global Concept Developer, Saint Gobain Ecophon AB, Sweden

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Du hast eine sehr schöne und ruhige Art. Es war so hilfreich, da ich das Gefühl hatte, frei zu sein – sowohl in den Themen als auch generell in den Inhalten mit denen die Themen gefüllt werden konnten. Jede Sitzung war geprägt davon, dass ich bereits im Anschluss Lösungen, die wir erarbeitet haben, ausprobieren konnte.

— Nadine E., Geschäftsstellenleiterin eines Sozialunternehmens

My professional journey

Starting my professional career as a management consultant at pwc, I learned to love project work, with all its challenges and complexities – both in multinational corporations and in small and medium-sized enterprises.

After more than four years in the consulting business, my curiosity for a new challenge led me to Johnson & Johnson and into eight wonderfully rich years in which I was able to grow personally and professionally with opportunities to take on more and more responsibility.

Before I decided to turn my corporate career around, I was Finance Director and Board Member for Johnson & Johnson in Sweden, responsible for the strategic and operational financial management of the Medical Device business in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Educational foundations

As an economist, I “grew up” with an analytical and structured mindset – a helpful toolkit as a management consultant and CFO.

However, my “fine antennae” for interpersonal tones, which have always (and more and more) guided my leadership attitude, also asked for a professional foundation:

So I started my coaching education in 2020 and returned to college, completing the master’s program “systemic counseling”, to deepen my coaching approach.

Today, I can combine the best of both worlds in my coaching and consulting approach.

In my free time you would find me…

…on the Yoga mat at some point every day – my source for new energy and conscious awareness (fun fact: I am a YA-certified Yoga teacher), outside on long walks or running (preferrably somewhere by the water) and sometimes singing at my piano (only when I am alone though).

Most of all though, I enjoy spending my time with my partner and our little daughter.