Know your impact. Shape what you want to stand for.

What do you want to stand for as a leader? How do your employees, internal stakeholders and your boss perceive your function and your work? What are the big topics that you push forward? What changes would make a real difference for your, your team, your organization?

There is room to shape what is important for you. Even in those challenging realities that internal service functions are facing. Even between restructuring and cost-cutting targets, employee development and time pressure, between increasing demands and your own needs.

The good news: You don’t have to tackle all at once. Focus on designing what’s really important to you. Do you already know what that is? As a systemic coach and process facilitator, I not only support you in defining this, but also help you to lay out concrete steps you can take to position yourself and your team strongly in the organization and deliver sustainably good results.

Coaching for Leaders

What do you need to make an impact in your organization?

  • A good understanding of your inner landscape of values, beliefs and priorities – to dertermine what is important for you. This is the basis to be an authentic leader and to shape the topics that make a difference for you.
  • A multi-layered perspective on your team – to see their potential and develop a responsive frame for cooperation. This allows your team to develop the strength for joint success.
  • An open eye for your organizational environment – to identify and use the room for action that is there. This helps you to position yourself effectively, to anticipate and integrate potential challenges.
  • A clear idea of how processes and interfaces optimally support your function and the performance of your team. This is how you design an efficient basis for sustainably good results.

How Coaching works

Clear frame and process

An individual Coaching usually consists of six to nine appointments, each lasting 90 – 120 minutes. The sessions ideally take place weekly or every two weeks.

Every potential collaboration is preceded by a non-binding initial conversation. Here we get to know each other, discuss open questions and potentially identify initial topics that you would like to work on in the coaching.

Results and Closure

During the coaching process we regularly reflect together where you are at the moment and what results we have already generated.

We also deliberately design the conclusion of the coaching – and there should be one of course, because my goal in our collaboration is to make myself obsolete.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m really glad I got to speak to you during this important time, your input really supported the transition out of the old and into my new position. There was an element of control that I never would have had without this coaching. And you gave really insightful views on both the career and personal/psychological aspects as well as a toolkit for self analysis and internal growth. It was a great mixture of external and internal guidance.

— Douglas MacCutcheon (phd), Global Concept Developer, Saint Gobain Ecophon AB, Sweden

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Du hast eine sehr schöne und ruhige Art. Es war so hilfreich, da ich das Gefühl hatte, frei zu sein – sowohl in den Themen als auch generell in den Inhalten mit denen die Themen gefüllt werden konnten. Jede Sitzung war geprägt davon, dass ich bereits im Anschluss Lösungen, die wir erarbeitet haben, ausprobieren konnte.

— Nadine E., Geschäftsstellenleiterin eines Sozialunternehmens

Jetzt starten und neue Perspektiven holen!

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