Your playground for development

Coaching. Consulting. Contrasts.
Our paths will be as colorful and diverse as we allow them to be.
What will you allow today?

Hanna Obersteller | Coach and Consultant | Executive Background as Finance Leader and CFO

yellow corner helps you to lay out and walk your path to growth and development – for yourself, your team, your business. I believe that growth and development is most sustainable, when it is embracing contrasts, an expedition full of playfulness, curiosity and new connections. That is why I consciously fill up the hard work with creativity – an immense trigger for new perspectives and innovation. Read more.


Coaching is a partnership where I support you on every level to help you become who you need to be. Coaching enables you to build awareness, it empowers choice and leads to change.

What is the change that you would like to call in?


With my executive background, my consulting expertise and diverse industry and project experience I will support you in creating the organization you want to develop into.

What is the next step your organization will take?


Being a CFO, Yoga Teacher and Board member in a multi-national corporation. A bee lover learning to produce honey. A professional Coach. A Whale enthusiast on a research boat.

What are the contrasts that fuel your development?

Why “yellow corner”?

The yellow corner is an actual “yellow corner” set up in our home. It is the go-to place for contemplation, for inspiration, for jotting down ideas, for conversations and favourite spot for just doing nothing – which is a wonderful source for triggering creativity. Read more

The greater the contrast, the greater the potential. Great energy only comes from a correspondingly great tension of opposites.

Carl Jung