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Why Coaching?

What is the purpose?

For whom?

When can it help me?

How exactly?

My coaching approach.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership supporting you on every level to help you become who you need to be. Coaching enables you to build awareness, it empowers choice and leads to change.

Coaching is a process to help you find solutions and reaching goals that you define. These can be personal or professional topics and can vary in nature.

Coaching – When can it help?

Individual Coaching

The urge, the desire for a change, a next step. But how do I start? Where do I want to go anyway? What am I ready for? What am I capable of? Feeling stuck and unhappy in a situation, experiencing stagnation or stress – does it really have to be this way? Let’s have a look at it together!

I am there for you in this process to create movement and I am there with you, when you find the change that you want to shape.

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Professional (Career) Coaching

A persistent, smouldering conflict with the colleague. I feel like drowning in work and don’t know how to solve it. This new job – I feel lost somehow. How can I be successful with who I am and what I bring? Can having a career actually be fun? Let’s look at it together!

Reflections on my own corporate career, my professional life and what I value in other parts of my life, helped me build my compass and make important decisions. I will support you to shape your way into your successful and fulfilling professional life.

Hanna Obersteller

Executive Coaching

Made the step into the Board of Directors? And now what? How do I earn my seat at the table with what I believe in? How do I set priorities? Daring to be authentic and not shrinking back in discourse and discomfort – let’s look at this together!

From my own career I have a rich and diverse experience of the chances and challenges that come with a seat in the Board. Today I can bring this experience into my work as a Coach and support you specifically in this stage of your career.

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Team Workshops

Grow as a team. Value and leverage the strengths and capabilities of each and everyone. Learn to deal with and overcome conflict. Shape a change. Start positively into new times! Many topics are just made to be looked at in a group context. Working on challenges as a team can lead to a whole new, dynamic team spirit. Let’s look at it together!

In team workshops I will invite you to tap into different perspectives, to frame new questions towards each other and to find new answers and ways of collaborating. I will facilitate this process and ensure, everyone is heard along the way.

How I coach

As a systemic Coach und Councelor I focus on fostering and bringing to light, what is already within you. With empathy and non-judgement we will work with what is right now. We explore how you can make use of your abundant resources in new ways. We carefully identify, what you want to invite in, what you want to develop, and what you want to let go of. Rather than guiding or pushing you towards a change, I am attempting to create movement, and leave it to you to find and activate the changes you agree on.

In addition to my DCV certified Coaching education, I am studying since 2020 at the german Hochschule Nordhausen in the Master’s course “Systemic Counceling” – new impulses from recent scientific insights and methods, continuous supervisions and professional case reviews allow me to ensure a high quality in the Coaching process.

Contact me for a free initial conversation or book it directly here.

The process

Every Coaching process starts with an initial conversation. With a duration of 30-45 minutes, this conversation is usually conducted virtually or by telephone. Here, we agree on the “how” of our cooperation, we align expectations, clarify any open questions you might have and potentially frame a first topic you would like to turn towards during your Coaching.

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