Support Functions that make a difference.

Teams in their full potential.
Processes with impact.

Teams can only be successful together in the long term if the processes inspire their performance instead of holding them back. Restructuring and centralization projects may have shifted, disassembled and reassembled processes for your department many times. In practice, these changes often don’t go as smoothly as implementation plans suggest and can thus become real tests of endurance at team and process level.

With my experience as a leader and board member in international corporate environments, my diverse insights into a wide range of industries as a management consultant, I can help you set up your support function to make a real difference in the company.

If you want to develop viable solutions for the future, develop a multi-layered picture of the current situation first.

What is actually going really well right now? What should definitely stay the way it is? Who would see it the same way? Who might see it differently?

Looking at your situation, your leadership role and your function from different, even unusual angles often already brings new, sometimes surprising things to light – and is often the key to solutions and possibilities that you have not even seen yet.

DIY initial Quick Check

For the “Do it yourself” option, you receive a free workbook with systemic questions for organizational analysis. Fill it out, let it sink in, and reflect upon it all by yourself.

With this reflective process, one or the other insight may already open up for you. If you would like to exchange ideas and gain a further perspective, please feel free to contact me for an initial free conversation.

* currently available in German only

Organizational Analysis

In order to get new perspectives on one’s own situation, the best thing is – to actually get new perspectives. This is often the key to solutions that work – for clear positioning and coordinated action.

For organizational analysis and development, I offer various formats that give you a multi-layered picture of your leadership role, your team, and your creative scope.

Systemic Process Consulting

In order to establish and implement processes effectively, you need more than comprehensive documentation and official process descriptions. The lever for sustainable processes is where they are lived and designed on a daily basis: by your teams and internal stakeholders.

My approach of systemic process consulting starts exactly there. Together with the key players in your organization, we co-create effective solutions for successful collaboration.

with teams

  • that have their purpose, value and contribution within their function and the organization clearly defined.
  • that are ready and committed to sail all weathers together.
  • that are confidently, consciously and dynamically shaping how they work within and beyond their own function.

with processes

  • that focus on what really matters for the sustainable success of the function and the organization as a whole.
  • that acknowledge and integrate the reality of available resources and internal & external expectations.
  • that are effective and efficient at the interfaces.

Jetzt starten und neue Perspektiven holen!

Ihr Workbook mit systemischen Fragen zur Organisationsanalyse

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