The beautiful benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

Empowered Pregnancy Series: Yoga can be a wonderful source to become aware of the superpowers that are set free during the time of pregnancy, and to use them to build consciousness and confidence around the power of breath, mental focus and physical strength & flexibility that enables this natural transformation.

3 minutes mindfulness

This 3 Minutes Mindfulness exercise is a small act on reflecting the day. It can be helpful for you, if you have troubles closing the day or if you would like to start incorporating mindfulness into your life, but struggle to find time for longer excercises and meditation.

Box Breathing

Ever noticed your breath when you were stressed, feeling anxious, angry? Learn how focused awareness of breath and conscious breathing helps to calm and balance our sympathetic nervous system, that is active under stress.

Financials Are Your Co-pilot

The contents of my first article are now also published on MicroMentor and Linked-In. Check it out and join the conversation on MicroMentor: How are you managing your finances? What approaches have you found most effective? Financials are your Co-Pilot In times of crisis, effective cash management will either make or break your business’s survival.Continue reading “Financials Are Your Co-pilot”

How do you navigate your business?

… Without knowing your business’ finances – you don’t. And still: How to record financial transactions effectively might not be the most glowing element that entrepreneurs are super passionate about. With the next innovative idea in your head and a myriad of things ongoing in your daily operations, there are many pressing things to focusContinue reading “How do you navigate your business?”